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Colorado Home Drug Testing

Colorado Home Drug Testing aims to bring long term, convenient, reliable and evidence based drug & alcohol testing directly to the client's home. We emulate the long term monitoring found in commercial pilot and physician treatment programs, which have been shown to be the most effective substance use disorder treatment protocols ever created. We are the only in-home, recovery centric drug testing company within the state, and we work hand in hand with families to provide affordable and effective solutions. We also incorporate the leading evidence based practices such as Positive Reinforcement or Contingency Management.

"Contingency Management (CM), an Operant Conditioning technique, has been found to be one of the most effective methods for changing behaviors, especially substance use" (add refs Chambless & Ollendick, 2001). "Specifically, CM is an evidence-based practice that has been shown to be highly effective in treating substance use disorders" (e.g. Budney, Higgins, Radonovich, & Novy, 2000; Roll, Higgins, & Badger, 1996; Petry, Martin, Cooney, & Kranzler, 2000; Bickel, Amass, Higgins, Badger, & Esch, 1997; Stitzer, Iguchi, & Felch, 1992; Silverman et al., 1996). "However, regardless of overwhelming empirical support of its efficacy, many substance abuse programs fail to use CM in routine practice" (Kirby, Benishek, Dugosh, & Kerwin, 2006).

Positive Reinforcement


Positive Reinforcement is based on some of the most long standing, evidence based practices where clients are incentivized to maintain abstinence and pass drug tests through a reward system. Colorado Home Drug Testing utilizes customized rewards systems based around our clients' interests and hobbies. At every intake, we collaboratively decide what reward system will be most likely to set you up for success.

Testing Methods


Colorado Home Drug Testing provides a variety of the leading drug & alcohol detection protocols. These include:

  • Point of Collection - Urinalysis

  • Lab Facilitated Urinalysis

  • Saliva Testing

  • Breathalyzers

  • SoberLink - Remote Smart Breathalyzers

Colorado Home Drug Testing was developed by The Recovery Guides. The Recovery Guides is multi-state behavioral health services provider specializing in crisis management, behavioral investigations, transportation and in-home support services. Every family engaged with Colorado Home Drug Testing has direct access to the services and team at The Recovery Guides, including an intervention team already acquainted with the client should a crisis arise. Our goal with Colorado Home Drug Testing is to bring a more price accessible solution to as many families as possible to improve overall outcomes and support our clients in achieving their goals in the long term.

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