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We are experts in collaborating with all parties involved in our clients' care. This can include parents, therapists, doctors, treatment programs, schools and educational consultants. We go beyond just providing testing results and include observations on client affect, state of their living environment and more.

Positive Reinforcement


We utilize Positive Reinforcement which is a form of Contingency Management where individuals are rewarded for positive behavioral change. Colorado Home Drug Testing utilizes customized reward systems based around our clients' interests to better optimize overall outcomes.



Our goal is to make long term drug & alcohol testing as accessible as possible. Studies have shown that long term monitoring is one of the most effective, evidence-based practices for helping people recover from substance use disorders. By facilitating all of our testing in the home, we are better able to accommodate our clients' schedules while also gathering more data for their clinical teams.

First officer is controlling autopilot and parameters for safety flight. Cockpit of Boeing
Mirroring Pilot & Physician Treatment Programs


Studies have shown that the most effective treatment protocols developed are those used for treating commercial pilots and physicians struggling with a substance use disorder. A core similarity between these protocols is length of monitoring. HIMS requires all pilots engaged with the program to be monitored by way of drug & alcohol testing for a minimum of five years. 

Colorado Home Drug Testing hopes to mirror these programs by providing accessible, convenient and long-term monitoring for people striving to recover from substance use disorders.

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